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About Staying Scared Radio

Staying Scared Radio is the brainchild of Thomas Scopel, a part-time horror writer, sometimes evil clown, and full-time horror buff who equally credits George Romero & Chilly Billy from Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater for the fandom. But, don't be mislead, for Staying Scared Radio is not all blood, guts, and gore. It is an internet radio station that prides itself on surrounding "scary." Here you will find everything from creepy old radio shows to dark music to reviews, discussions and fearful tales. While the clock may always strikes midnight here and things do go bump in the night...Staying Scared Radio also recognizes that the world, overall, has become a rather scary place and sometimes the monster appears normal. If it scares, it's for Staying Scared Radio, and Wee Willie Wicked (aka Thomas Scopel) is your guide.