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There was a time when radio was as popular as television is today and fear always found its way of creeping in. Step into yesteryear ghouls with some of the very best. Both horror & scifi are included for your listening pleasure. Simply click on the title, sit back...and Stay Scared.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Inner Sanctum
While exploring the ocean depths a strange discovery is found.
A husband is haunted by his wife and pet cat.
A recent bride resembles a deceased ancestor of her husband, and the specter has come a calling.
A tale of facing the loss of a spouse
Army escapees meet a Wicca woman
Something is dragging sailors back into the sea
A chilling, almost modern day tale of witches.
After a girl's death, her doll begins to talk
There's always a cost when something seems too good to be true
A tale about reincarnation...with a gorilla
Even in death, adultery can haunt
A greedy relative murders for money. But...
A recently deceased wife returns with a begging request
An ailing doctor is visited by a mysterious man & a raven more than familiar with Poe.
In a large mansion, all the rooms are unlocked...except for one.
You'd better trust the one responsible for reincarnating you from a faked death.
There is something in the mirror other than a reflection.
Feeling closed in, a husband and wife move to a considerably larger place. But...
Trained rats do a dirty deed
Indian burial grounds are better left alone
Being accused of wicked lab experiments is one thing...unless it turns out to be justified
A wax worker is commanded to create a face for a man with simply a skull
A woman and her houseplants share a special bond
Sometimes the dead can be seen in the oddest of things. This time it is a tile.
Odd happenings plague a couple after going to a seance
A deceased owner of a property returns
A woman unable to have a child makes a deal. But there is a cost.
A woman claims she has an appointment with death
A warning to those harassing the elderly
An accident causes confusion and plants less than honest motives
A somewhat genie in a bottle tale
Death comes to those who own this cursed clock
A return to a childhood place of fond memories offers much more
A warning for those intending to sell their brain
A hospital has an unusually long corridor. Starring Boris Karloff
A psycho psychologist is played by Boris Karloff
A lonely window dresser is a bit too close to a dummy that appears too real
Song of the Slasher
Both a serial killer and cop live in the same building
Fear On Four
Tales From the Shadows
A tale of two boys, only one able to see a snowman. And the other...
Ambrose Bierce's famous tale
An eyeball and brain are all that remains of a deceased man. Guess each's names.
H.P. Lovecraft's tale about the secrets held with the rats in the wall




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