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There was a time when radio was as popular as television is today and fear always found its way of creeping in. Step into yesteryear ghouls with some of the very best. Both horror & scifi are included for your listening pleasure. Simply click on the title, sit back...and Stay Scared.

Various Edgar Allen Poe
From CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Magicians should never make deals with the devil
From CBS Radio Mystery Theater
A cruise turns out to be more than a 25th anniversary gift
From CBS Radio Mystery Theater
The Screen Director's Playhouse
From CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Radio version of the film
From NBC Short Stories
Radio version of the film
From NBC Short Stories
From Tales From the Shadows
From Suspense
Peter Lorre creates a demented garden in the basement
Revived, a man can detect whether a person is lying and confronts them
Alone in the country, a couple fear a loose lunatic
Tales of the Bizarre
Vincent Price stars in this pipe organ tale
A man is obsessed with his bones
Being hunted for sport is most dangerous indeed
Carnivals are always interesting when Ray Bradbury writes the tale
A traveler encounters an odd hitchhiker
A dead body has a special note attached to it in another creepy Ray Bradbury tale
Classic Ray Bradbury ventriloquist tale
Is the boarder a vampire?
Classic Lovecraft
A new bride moves into a room once occupied by her husband and previous wife.
with Peter Lorre
A mysterious door that takes a person anywhere
Halloween Show
Odd phone calls besiege a psychic
with Boris Karloff
A ghost accuses a man of his murder
With Peter Lorre
Fearful of repercussions, a sin eating old man refuses to die...until a replacement is found
Halloween Show
A scifi comedy featuring Jack Benny
The famous Mercury Theater broadcast with Orson Welles
Spending the night in a wax museum can be detrimental to your health
A tale of mind control
A tale surrounding an inherited mansion
What would you do if you saw a man carving your tombstone?
Theater Ten Thirty
Pirates are the haunting source in this tale
Two pierced neck wounds create an odd illness
A terrible accident has occurred in the laboratory
Disturbing wallpaper besiege a woman who moves into the home
Strange Adventure
It's not often that ghosts are cursed
The Abbott & Costello Show
A man is saved from death by an unlikely source
A creepy new neighbor has moved in
A zookeeper is haunted by the ghost of a leopard
The head of a mental institution is... shall we say...different



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