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There was a time when radio was as popular as television is today and fear always found its way of creeping in. Step into yesteryear ghouls with some of the very best. Both horror & scifi are included for your listening pleasure. Simply click on the title, sit back...and Stay Scared.

Chet Chetter's Tales from the Morgue
Lights Out
An eccentric millionaire has a proposition for pig farmer Elmer
A tale of selfish murder that doesn't go as planned
Strange noises are coming from a house on main street
A creature from a monster movie comes alive
This time Elmer pilots a flying saucer
A woman is forced to make jewelry from bones to work off a debt
Elmer battles mutant mole rats
On their way to an aunt's house, girls dance dance on a grave and stir up horrendous trouble
A father forbids his son to avoid taking his rocket ship too far
Working late offers a surprise
Two creepy tales
Boris Karloff stars as a scientist who brings his dead wife back. But, not all is as seems.
Exeo Entertainment
Growth hormones go terribly wrong
An aunt's cats' harbor a horrible secret
A giant spider lurks in the jungle
Sleep No More
Renting a country haunted house isn't all it's cracked up to be
Three o'clock is a good time for murder
An unfaithful wife and her lover are shrunken
A mutant superior race is being created on an island
The devil comes to the aid of an abused wife
After a storm, something isn't quite right
A boss is haunted by a newspaper writer who commits suicide and comes back
Aunt Cassie can talk to the dead
A couple might just be the last people on Earth
To Build a Fire & Three Skeleton Key
When a serum saves the aged from the inevitable, nobody dies.
Over the Hill & The Man in the Black Hat
A locked trunk purchased at an auction holds horrors
Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies & August Heat
Two ruthless war pilots find themselves at the mercy of an odd group of residents
Thus I Refute Beelzy & The Book Shop
An executioner recalls his career
Banquo's Chair & The Coward
An expedition turns bad
Quiet Please
It's holiday time and three different soldiers share a train ride
A magic wand tale
A convicted man awaits the jury's fate
A writer starts having dreams of his death
A typewriter types only truth
Giants Battle
A time travel tale that has repercussions for knowing the future
Mind Webs
An archeologist finds an odd crystal globe
Something is out there in this Arthur C. Clarke tale
A giant fly is a man's pet
There is more to life than simply watching horror movies
To say unusual is the least when a couple scientists experiment with time travel
LibriVox Short Horror Stories
A tale about a spying witch
A satirical poem by Lewis Carroll
A father keeps his daughter hidden
Clarimonda is her name...written by Hans Heinz Ewers
A tale told by a dying man
Mark Twain's famous tale
An opportunity to bring back a dead sibling befalls a man
The reincarnating tale by Saki




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