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There was a time when radio was as popular as television is today and fear always found a way of creeping in. Step into yesteryear with some of the very best. Both horror & scifi are included. Simply click on the title, sit back...and Stay Scared.

A Graveyard of Ghost Tales
Afternoon Theater
A tale of devotion and promise with six friends who plan another meet. However, one has since passed...Narrated by Vincent Price.
There are least opportune times to be abducted by a UFO.
There's a dead hand lurking around Spital House...Also narrated by Vincent Price.
His child's brain infected with aliens, a father must call on his secret ability in order to visit and communicate.
A wealthy man replaces his wife's tragically lost leg with one of gold. Upon her death it is stolen...but she wants it back.
Author's Playhouse
Beyond Midnight
H.G. Wells shows us what it is like being able to see in a country of completely blind.
An odd predicament faces a man searching for his fiance .
A town becomes secluded.
Unable to see her face, a man finds a solemn women fascinating.
Even ghosts like booze in this comedy tale.
Inheriting a haunted house isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Sea monster and submarine crew do battle.
Would you spend a night in a creepy house for money?
Beyond Tomorrow
Black Chapel
Robots do exactly as their told.
A crawling thing inadvertently comes with a purchased home.
Classic Monsters
Dark Fantasy
Suspense's adaptation
Sometimes an Inheritance comes with corpses
NBC Short Story
A ghost tale surrounding an inheritance and a dead aunt.
From I Love A Mystery
After death, wicked man bargains with the devil.
Able to conjure at will, a medium's skills will be tested when a certain visitor arrives.
From CBS Mystery Theater
A couple are stuck on a plane with an odd pilot destined for something even weirder
A creepy tale of electronic revenge
A creature takes control of a ship
Visiting a friend reveals something more.
Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales
A terrible secret lies in an antique store operated by two old women
Dead revenge
Not all Funhouse's are fun
Ambrose Bierce's tale
A youth formula reputed to be fake is anything but...
Classic Poe
A weekend vacation turns into an odd adventure with an old woman and her grandson.
A classic tale of three wishes with unintended results 

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